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Our unique programs offer expertise that prepares you for a wide range of careers while staying true to the rigorous curriculum that defines computer science at CMU.

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At the LTI, our faculty and students investigate more than 20 areas of language and information technologies that will impact everything from education to healthcare.

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The LTI offers five graduate degrees in computer science, ranging from professional master’s programs designed to prepare you for careers in industry and government to a research-based Ph.D. We're looking for the best students to join us.

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Online repository offers resources for researchers

We recognize that the only way to advance language technologies research is to share our results with other professionals and researchers across the globe. The LTI Catalogue contains more than 100 different resources like tools, libraries, web services and data that are available to anyone. We hope that the catalogue will grow and thrive as our research does the same.

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The Language Technologies Institute seeks applicants with a strong interest in research, outstanding academic credentials and an earned Ph.D. Candidates for research and tenure-track appointments should also have a strong interest in graduate and undergraduate education. As one of the largest academic centers for language technologies in the world, the LTI offers expertise in a wide range of...

"Pittsburgh seems to have become a center for automated language learning with such companies as Duolingo, Carnegie Speech, Safaba Translation Solutions and WeSpeke headquartered there. In all, twelve language-based businesses have been identified as being started in the Pittsburgh area. The probable cause? Professor Jaime Carbonell founded the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie...

LTI Research Professor Scott E. Fahlman may be known as the father of the emoticon, but his research legacy goes well beyond his smiley fame. A recent profile in the online publication Narratively delves into Fahlman's work in artificial intelligence research, what he's focused on now and where the future may lead."Throughout his career as an AI researcher Fahlman has worked toward...


Aug 24
2015 MCDS Orientation

8:30 AM - 6115 Gates & Hillman Centers

The Gates Hillman Complex

The LTI makes its home inside the Hillman Center for Future Generation Technologies. We're right on campus, but an easy walk from great restaurants, coffee shops, museums and libraries.