*Application accommodations for applicants from Iran:

Applicants with Iran as their current address who may need additional time to complete their application materials should begin their application online as soon as possible, and contact our Application Coordinator at applygrad@cs.cmu.edu to request an extension.  We will entirely waive the application fee only for these students, allowing them to apply by our later date (December 12, 2019); we will also allow them to submit their TOEFL and GRE scores late.  They should try to get the scores to us by the end of 2019, if possible.

We'll continue to follow the internet situation in Iran, and may make further accommodations later if necessary and feasible.

How To Apply

Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science has a centralized online application process. Applications and all supporting documentation for fall admission to any of the LTI's graduate programs must be received by December 12. Incomplete applications will not be considered. We've provided an overview for you below, but you can find more information on the School of Computer Science's master's admissions and doctoral admissions pages. The application period for fall 2020 is now open.

Important Deadlines

Applications are due by noon (12 p.m. EST) on December 12.


  • By noon (12 p.m. EST) Dec. 2: $75 for one program, $50 each additional program.
  • From 12:01 p.m. (EST) Dec. 2 to noon (12 p.m.) Dec. 12: $125 for one program, $75 for each additional program.


The School of Computer Science requires the following for all Ph.D. applications.

  • GRE scores: These must be less than five years old. The GRE Subject Test is not required, but is recommended. Our Institution Code is 2074; Department Code is 0402.
  • TOEFL scores: Required if English is not your native language. No exceptions. These scores may be more than two years old if you have pursued or are pursuing a bachelor's or graduate degree in the United States. (While the TOEFL is preferred, the IELTS test may also be submitted.) Successful applicants will have a minimum TOEFL score of 100. Our Institution Code is 4256; the Department Code is 78.
  • Official transcripts from each university you have attended, regardless of whether you received your degree there.
  • Current resume.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Three letters of recommendation.

In addition to the SCS guidelines, the LTI requires:

  • A short (1-3 minute) video of yourself. Tell us about you and why you want to come to CMU. This is not a required part of the application process, but it's strongly suggested. Note: applicants to the MCDS program should not submit a video with their applications.
  • Any outside funding you are receiving must be accompanied by an official award letter.

No incomplete applications will be eligible for consideration.