Friday, February 19, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm




Maxine Eskenazi, Principal Systems Scientist LTI

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Joy Mann,

This presentation will address several thrusts within the GetGoing project that enable people to be more mobile, giving seniors and people with disabilities better directions to get to a desired location and dealing with directions in areas where web-based location services fall short. GetGoing is a phone-based service that gives local travel directions. For seniors, it provides walking, driving and public transportation directions that take into account changes in cognition as we age. For those who are mobility-impaired, it provides directions that take into account the ground conditions that affect wheelchair users and low-sight individuals. For web-based locations, it provides directions to and within UPMC hospitals in the Pittsburgh area.

We will discuss the main scientific challenges that were addressed in this project and our deployment plans. We will also show demos of the systems created for each of the three GetGoing thrusts.

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Smart Mobility Connections seminar series:  As the nature of transportation continues to evolve, Carnegie Mellon University has students and faculty conducting transportation related research in data analytics, robotics, public policy, engineering, architecture and design, and more.  Since not all of these efforts are co-located in the same building, or even the same department, there was a need to help building a “community space” to bring together people interested in transportation on CMU’s campus.  This was the impetus for Mobility21’s launching of the SMC seminar series.  One of the University Transportation Center (UTC) faculty is featured at each hour long session; half of the time is reserved for questions and answers as well as networking.