Current DEI Committee Members

The DEI committee is comprised of facutly, staff, and student members who work to develop and uphold DEI initiatves at the Language Technologies Institute. Members for the 2021-2022 academic year are listed below along with some of the reasons they chose be involved in the committee. 

Emma Strubell (chair)

Assistant Professor

"I want to help cultivate a culture at LTI, and in our field, where all people who stand to benefit (or suffer harm) from language technologies have the opportunity to use, and shape uses of, those powerful technologies in a respectful and uplifting environment."

Yonatan Bisk 

Assistant Professor

"I'm involved in DEI to start paying back some of my privilege."

Maxine Eskenazi

Principal Systems Scientist

"I'm involved in DEI because I think everyone should be treated with respect and be given equal opportunities."


John Friday

Administrative Coordinator

"I’m interested in DEI and am on this committee because I want to cultivate an atmosphere where people feel safe to discover and be who they are."


Lori Levin

Research Professor

"I’m involved so that LTI is a place where everyone thrives.”

Shruti Rijhwani

Student, Ph.D. in Language and Information Technology

"I’m involved in DEI because I think the LTI is an amazing place to study and do research, and I want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to be at the LTI in an environment that supports their unique and diverse identities and backgrounds."


Emma Thomas

Administrative Coordinator

"I wanted to be involved in the LTI DEI Committee so I can help promote a culture of accountability and a positive environment that allows all voices to be heard, respected, and supported.”

Joshua Zhanson

Student, Master of Language Technologies

"I’m involved in DEI because we need to cultivate diverse voices, unique perspectives, and uplifting culture in LTI."