Bias Busters Training

BiasBusters@CMU is modeled on Google’s Bias Busting@ Work program, and developed in concert with Google. The program was piloted in the School of Computer Science (BiasBusters@SCS,CMU) to engage over issues of bias, diversity, and inclusion. BiasBusters sessions are led by members of the CMU community who have volunteered to be trained as program facilitators. BiasBusters@CMU now reaches communities across the Carnegie Mellon campus.


University Campus Climate Resources

The Task Force on Campus Climate canvased the university community to create this index of resources, policies and programs. 


Seminar Series on DEI in CS

The School of Computer Science launched a seminar series focusing on the impact of issues surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion in computer science. During the spring 2021 semester, SCS hosted three seminars exploring such topics as broadening participation and access in computing and STEM, ethics and bias in AI, and justice and health as they relate to computer science. The series featured speakers from academia, nonprofits and government to provide a broad perspective. Past seminars have been recorded and are availible online.