Please read carefully to determine the correct contact person for your questions and concerns.

Academic Departments
For questions regarding programs and academic requirements, please contact the appropriate Academic Coordinator:

Stacey Young
GHC 6513

Kate Schaich
GHC 6719

Alexandra "Sasha" Balobeshkina
GHC 5413

Jennifer Lucas
GHC 6713

Amber Vivis
GHC 6713

Business Office
For questions regarding proposals, post-award processing and other research administration issues, please contact Please note that this account is monitored by Krista McGuigan, Stefan Hadricky and Chris Coleman. Specific areas of focus are as follows:

Krista McGuigan
Approvals (GL)
Industry Proposals
Intellectual Property Disclosures
Award Closeouts
General Contract Term Compliance

Stefan Hadricky
Approvals (GM)
DoD/ODNI Proposals 
Award Intake/Setup
Project Forecasting & Effort Planning
Labor Distribution

Chris Coleman
NSF, NIH and Other Proposals
Effort Certification Process
IRB Requests
Subcontract/PSA requests
Gifts Administration

Bryan Burtner
Teaching & Advising Credit Tracking
Website Updates/Edits/Issues
Departmental Social Media
Marketing/PR Requests

Faculty Support
Faculty administrative support assignments are as follows:

Alexandra "Sasha" Balobeshkina
Timo Baumann
Matthias Grabmair
Carolyn Rose
Alex Rudnicky
Yulia Tsvetkov
Alex Waibel
Yiming Yang

Lisa Everett
Alex Hauptmann
Ed Hovy
Lori Levin
LP Morency
Roni Rosenfeld

Jennifer Lucas
Eric Nyberg

Jessica Maguire
Jamie Callan
Maxine Eskenazi
Anatole Gershman
Florian Metze
Bhiksha Raj
Rita Singh
Ravi Starzl
Anthony Tomasic

Seanan Palmero Waugh
Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick
Alan Black
Ralf Brown
Graham Neubig

Kate Schaich
Jaime Carbonell
Teruko Mitamura

Amber Vivis
Michael Shamos
John Vu

Stacey Young
Bob Frederking