Human language technologies have become an increasingly central component of computer science in the last decade. Information retrieval, machine translation and speech technology are used daily by the general public, while text mining, natural language processing, and language-based tutoring are used regularly within more specialized professional or educational environments. The Language Technologies minor allows students to learn about language technologies and apply them through a directed project.


Students must apply for admission to the Language Technologies Minor no later than September 30 of their senior year. An admission decision will usually be made within one month. Students may petition the LTI undergraduate program director to be admitted to the Language Technologies minor earlier or later in their undergraduate careers.

Students who have completed the prerequisites with an average grade of B (3.0) or better will ordinarily be accepted into the program. Students who do not meet this average must also submit a letter of explanation along with their application.


Name Credits  
Prerequisites 15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation 12
  15-150 Functional Programming 12
Recommended 21-241 Matrix Algebra or 9
  21-341 Linear Algebra 9
  36-217 Prob. Theory and Random Proc. 9


  Course Name Credits
Core Courses (1) 11-721 Grammars & Lexicons 12, F
Electives (Any 3) 15-492 Speech Processing 12, F
  11-411 Natural Language Processing 12, S
  11-441 Search Engines and Web Mining 12, F
  11-711 Algorithms for NLP 12, F
  11-731 Machine Translation 12, S
  11-741 Information Retrieval 12, S
  11-751 Speech Recognition 12, F
  11-752 Speech II 12, S
  11-761 Language & Statistics 12, S
  80-180 The Nature of Language or 9, F
  80-280 Linguistic Analysis 9, S
Project 11-[345]90 A semester-long directed research project 12, F/S

The core course gives a general introduction to language technologies with an emphasis on natural language processing (NLP). The electives and project give in-depth experience in several specific language technologies. Students can mix and match as they see fit.


The chair of the LTI Undergraduate Program is Alan W. Black. Please contact him about eligibility, curriculum, and other relevant matters. He will also help match students with faculty for projects.

Double Counting of Courses

Courses in the minor may not be counted toward another SCS minor.