Please follow these procedures and complete this form to finish your residency at the Language Technologies Institute. Fields marked with a * are required.

New Employment Information

New Contact Information


  1. Remove all personal belongings from your office space.
  2. If you have any office keys, return them to your Graduate Program Coordinator.
  3. Set up email forwarding. Your CS account will be discontinued shortly after you leave.
  4. Transition your personal webpage to a new host.
  5. Make sure that your student account balance is $0 by checking Student Information Online (SIO) at
  6. If you would like to cancel your health insurance, contact the Student Health Office at (412) 268-2157.
  7. Update commencement information online at
  8. Update your alumni information on the SCS website at
  9. If you anticipate reimbursements after your departure, complete an FCPA form and submit to
  10. For employment verification, contact the CMUWorks Service Center via telephone at (412) 268-4600  or (844) 625-4600, or via email at

Good luck in your future career!