LTI Travel Authorization & Reimbursement 

1. Before Travel

To get started, please fill out the LTI Travel Authorization Form and send it to

Travelers must obtain advisor's signature of approval, whether on the document itself or a forwarded email of approval including what expenses are approved and to which project this should be charged. 

Be advised:  Travelers have 75 days after the date of return to have receipts submitted and approved before expenses become taxable.

LTI Departmental Funds

The section at the bottom of the authorization form inquires if departmental funds will be used. Departmental funds can be used only when faculty/external funding is extremely limited/unavailable, and should be used as a backup instead of a first resort. *All funding is subject to approval.

If departmental funds are approved for travelers presenting research, $750.00 USD is available. For those attending but not presenting research, $250 USD is available. Please note that the $750.00 is the maximum allowance available per individual per academic year. 


For booking, please note that conferences/workshops within the United States have a one-day grace period. This means all flights should ideally arrive one day before the event starts and depart one day after the event ends. Lodging must also fall within the one-day grace period of the event. For international conferences/workshops, a two-day grace period can apply. If anything is longer than the noted grace periods, supporting documents and justification must be provided.

For airfare, please purchase non-refundable, economy-level tickets. Please use American-Flag Carrier airlines when traveling on sponsored awards (if unsure, better to be safe and go for American-Flag Carriers). 

Some American-Flag Carriers include:

  • Delta Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • USAirways

2. During Travel

Please hold onto all receipts. Ideally, they will show:

  • Itemization (a line for each expense)
  • The date
  • Your name
  • The names and titles of attendees for dining parties of 6 people or less
  • The last four digits of card used or type of card used

For non-detailed receipts, submitting snapshots of credit card statements or bank statements showing all of the above (and please redact other expense lines for the sake of privacy).

Typical Travel Reimbursements

  • Airfare
  • Daily Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Gasoline (rental car, not personal car)
  • Ground Transportation (taxi, uber, lyft, etc.)
  • Lodging (hotel, airbnb, etc.)
  • Parking
  • Rental Car
  • Mileage (personal car)

3. After Travel

Scan or take pictures of ALL receipts, along with any bank/credit card statements that may be needed, and send them as an attachment to The preferred method is to tape all smaller receipts to paper in order of date collected, scan, and send as attachments. Travelers must state how much they're expecting to be reimbursed

The reimbursement process begins as soon as possible, ideally within the week of submission. This is subject to take longer during high volume periods of the semester (beginning or end of a semester) or if additional questions on receipts arise. 

Reimbursements default as checks sent to the address of the submitter's Workday account. If direct deposit is preferred, please open this form link with Internet Explorer (or save to desktop to open) and send to

For further reading on LTI Travel and reimbursement, here are some helpful links: