The MIIS degree offers the opportunity to study with professors and other graduate students that are among the best in the world. Our faculty are world-renowned leaders in their research areas, and our students aim to become the next generation of leaders in academia, industry, and government. Carnegie Mellon's motto is "My heart is in the work" (Andrew Carnegie, 1900). Everything at Carnegie Mellon is focused on achieving excellence.

The Master of Science in Intelligent Information Systems degree provides advanced study in areas of Computer Science devoted to understanding, analyzing, and organizing text, audio, video, and other forms of unstructured information. This is a rigorous degree that requires good Computer Science and mathematics skills. Statistical methods, machine learning, large-scale data analysis, and rigorous experimental evaluation are core principles of this degree program. Courses and directed study projects offer opportunities to apply newly-learned techniques to web, social media, and other types of data for sentiment analysis, text-driven forecasting, role recognition, influence assessment, personalized information delivery, machine translation, video analysis, speech-based computer systems, and a variety of other purposes.

MIIS students work closely with a member of the faculty for two semesters, do a summer internship, and work closely with a faculty mentor and other students in a semester-long capstone project. This combination of classroom instruction, professional experience, and using newly-acquired skills in significant projects done with world-class colleagues helps our students achieve the excellence that is their goal.