Cost of Attendance

The MLT program is part of the CMU School of Computer Science. Tuition rates are listed as a fall/spring per-semester tuition, plus additional summer semester tuition. These figures increase every academic year. New students should factor in an approximately 5 percent increase per year into any budget computation.  You must take at least 36 units per semester to be considered full-time. The per-unit fee changes each year, and courses are typically 12 units.

For general funding information, please see the HUB website. Please note that the information on the HUB website is meant for reference only; each program sets its tuition separately.

Tuition for the 2017 - 2018 academic year was set at $43,000, with $843 in fees.

Financial Assistance

The LTI offers some students financial aid in the form of research assistantships. This funding may vary in amount and duration and is not guaranteed. Students generally obtain funding through the marriage process in early September, but may also pick up funding anytime after that period.

Students may find other various ways to finance their education, including external scholarships, loans, university employment or payment in full. Many organizations award external scholarships for Carnegie Mellon students, and U.S. citizens may also finance the cost of education through government-secured Stafford Loans. For more information on graduate student financial aid please visit the financial aid website.