Friday, November 6, 2015 - by Susie Cribbs

LTI Assistant Professor L.-P. Morency's work was recently featured in The Atlantic.

The October issue of The Atlantic featured LTI Assistant Professor Louis-Philippe Morency's research into using computers to analyze, recognize and predict subtle human behaviors during social interactions. The article, "Machines That Can See Depression on a Person's Face," talks about how machine learning gives scientists news ways to interpret subtle facial expressions, discusses the results that Morency and his colleagues have found in their research and explores what the future might hold for this type of technology.

"The really interesting next part," Morency says, "is to see how [these findings are] aligned with social norms." For instance, many women have had the experience of being told to smile. "Is it related to culture? Is it local? National? International? Or is there even another factor — social, cultural, physiological — that we don’t know yet?"

Read the whole article on The Atlantic website.

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