Carnegie Mellon University


Invest in Tomorrow's Leaders

By working with the LTI, you'll develop relationships with students who will go on to be leaders in the field — perhaps as interns or full-time employees in your company.

Be at the Forefront of Innovation

As a world-leader in language technologies research, we're ahead of the curve on innovations that change how we interact with machines and each other. You can be a part of that.

Commercialize Your Work

Carnegie Mellon nurtures and encourages business innovation and development. Your work with us could result in a business venture with far-reaching impact.

How to Work With Us

Sponsor Research

Have a research problem that goes beyond the scope and scale of a capstone project? By sponsoring a research project, you'll gain access to LTI students and faculty who will collaborate with you to find a solution that meets your specific needs.

Sponsor a Capstone

Develop a relationship with a team of LTI students while working toward a solution to a challenge within your organization. Our students get real-world research experience and you get a team dedicated to solving your problem.

Join a Consortium

Seeking a longer-term partnership with CMU? Our industry consortia allow industry leaders to partner with us in ongoing research and development projects, receive invitations to select workshops and events, and more.

Educate Your Team

Let us create a workshop or tutorial session tailored to the goals of your staff, utilizing our world-class faculty to meet your professional development needs.

Give a Gift

Your financial gifts have the ability to make a direct impact on LTI students and faculty. Although gifts cannot be accompanied by any specific terms or agreements, they can be earmarked for a specific advancement cause.


Ready to start working with us? To discuss any of these options — or to pitch one we may not have listed — contact Krista McGuigan.

Krista McGuigan
Business Director
Phone: 412-268-1635
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